aboutmistressIntroducing the one and only Juliana, ready to show off her extensive skills and talents to all you naughty spanking devotees! Calling all BDSM, tie n’ tease & spanking aficionados – you cannot meet your maker without first sampling the sublime delights of the queen of kink, a true hedonist. This is a real treat and a rarefied experience for the most discerning of spankees, gentlemen of a more passive or submissive disposition, who are looking for the unforgettable very best in sensuous discipline and domination, from mild to judicial. I offer a bespoke session tailored to your own individual needs and requirements.

With the elusive WOW factor in abundance, the stunningly attractive and elegant Lady J. is a magnet for submissives. When a perfectly manicured hand slowly reaches down … you tremble with delicious anticipation intermingled with just a hint of fear … Remember the shame & humiliation of standing meekly, quivering, outside the headmistresses study, butterflies in your stomach, awaiting your turn to be bent over her desk, school shorts pulled down to your knees, to receive your well-deserved spanking, 6 strokes of the cane or ruler on your bare backside, followed by a cool soothing hand gently carressing your pink stinging tingling bottom. Or when classroom misbehaviour results in detention and an over-the-knee spanking … remember  teachers long slim shapely legs, high heels & stocking-top thighs … pain & pleasure so exquisitely entwined it was almost unbearable.

Pure English rose Juliana, 40’s, a professional discipline therapist with 20 years experience and now at the top of her game, specialises in a unique & intoxicating blend of sensual correction, expertly and seamlessly interwoven with dominant control, for the ultimate powerplay. Erotic pain and carnal pleasure taken to a whole new level.

My prescribed therapy for you fetishists, slaves and submissives can be as severe or as lenient as is required. Exactly how naughty have you been, you bad boy? Time to confess to your mistress! Novices are welcome, and boundaries can be pushed for the more experienced or adventurous. Limits are always respected. Dare to open Pandora’s box to embark on your own personal journey of exploration of your  innermost fantasies and desires …